Walmart / Sam’s Club Networking

Customer: Contract work through CrossCom for: Walmart (multiple locations, including Blackfoot, Chubbuck, Idaho Falls, Ammon, and Rexburg) Sam’s Club (Idaho Falls) BestBuy (Idaho Falls) Sally’s Beauty Supply (Idaho Falls) Smith’s Grocery (Jackson, WY) Project: We were contacted by CrossCom, a … Continue reading

Blackfoot Transmissions Network Cleanup

Customer: Blackfoot Transmission Project: February 2021 -the folks at Blackfoot Transmissions got tired of the spaghetti of cables and pile of components from their networking and phone equipment that was sitting on their desktop. It made diagnosing issues problematic, as … Continue reading

Residential Wireless Bridge

Customer:  Bingham county resident Project: September 2020 – Our customer wanted to connect internet between his two homes on his property, about 230ft apart. He didn’t want to trench a cable between the homes, so we installed a pair of … Continue reading

Website: Idaho Potato Museum

Customer: Idaho Potato Museum Project: The Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce approached us about rebuilding their Potato Museum website. In addition to a more attractive and dynamic design, they were interested in an online store built into the new site. They … Continue reading

Website: Blackfoot Performing Arts Center

Customer: Blackfoot Performing Arts Center Project: Complete build of a website in HTML. The website keeps track of all events that are happening at the Performing Arts Center and keeps an archive of past events. It incorporates Google calendar to … Continue reading

Website: Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce

Customer: Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce Note:  In 2019, along with changes in leadership & systems the Chamber moved to a new website from another developer. We remain on good terms with the Chamber and are proud to have provided substantial … Continue reading

Website: Blackfoot Quilt Fest

Customer: Blackfoot Quilt Fest Project: Website build in WordPress. The website is a brochure style site which contains information about the fest and is updated regularly with information on the newest quilt fest. The site features sign up forms to … Continue reading

Website: Snake River School District

Customer: Snake River School District Project: Rebuild of a pre-existing website into a WordPress site with some updates to the look, features, and content. This is a multi-site website where all the school websites in the district are connected in … Continue reading

Website: YAY Technology

Client: YAY Technology Project: Our website is a brochure style WordPress site which contains information about the various services we offer. The site is updated regularly with information on our services and our newest projects that we work on. The … Continue reading

Website: Develop Bingham

Customer: Bingham Economic Development Corp [Site no longer live, Develop Bingham merged with REDI (Regional Economic Development Eastern Idaho)] Project: This website was built to promote economic development in Bingham County, Idaho. It was built to have a combination of … Continue reading

Website: North Gem School District

Customer: North Gem School District Project: Rebuild of a pre-existing website into a WordPress site with some updates to the look, features, and content. The website contains information on the district and a section for resources. The website is maintained … Continue reading

Website: Saturn Series

Customer: Project: Website for Click here to view the website at Project Details This site is a hobby site for Jonathan Swain, who in his spare time works on and modifies Saturn vehicles. He built this site … Continue reading

Grace School District: New Websites

Customer: Grace School District Project: Grace School District Websites (4 sites) Click here to view the website at Project Details We were glad to work with the Grace School District to build a series of websites for their district … Continue reading

Website: Hog Island Meats

Customer: Hog Island Meats Note: The Hog Island Meats business was sold and the new owner chose not to continue use of the website. Project: Hog Island Meats New Website Project Details More information coming. Project Lead Associate: Jonathan Swain … Continue reading