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Snake River School District


Rebuild of a pre-existing website into a WordPress site with some updates to the look, features, and content. This is a multi-site website where all the school websites in the district are connected in one website. One of the goals for the new Snake River School District website was for the school district to be able to maintain their own website from top to bottom, due to an experience with a previous web developer that had left them dissatisfied. We were happy to work with the SRSD to do training for teachers and support staff to be able to work together to contribute to the site’s content. On several occasions, Jonathan Swain met with a group of SRSD staff at a school computer lab for several hours of training at a time. The district sites’ content are now completely managed by these staff members, and while we are still happy to provide assistance as it is needed, those instances have been rare.

Project Associates:

Jon Swain

Updates and Training

Chris Passmore


Eric Hardin