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We build, update, repair, and maintain websites of many different styles and purposes. Different websites have different needs. Anyone setting out to build or improve a website should know what they are going to need, and what total costs to expect. These include domains, web hosting, SSl Certificates, website content management, software and security updates, and backups.
We work with WordPress, one of the most powerful website content management systems(CMS) used today. WordPress is used by some of the biggest companies because of its power and ease-of-use.
With technology today, your website needs to be viewable on many different sized devices. We build our sites to be readable on all major device sizes. We can also take existing sites and convert them to updated, responsive websites.
If you’re looking for a new website, or a re-design of a current site, the first step is to get an idea of how it should look. Browse some of WordPress’s themes to get an idea of the direction for the site. With the amount of themes and customization available, the possibilities are endless! Below are some categories of different website styles.

Content Management

Content Management is a critical part of maintaining a website that needs to be kept up to date and relevant to its visitors. Some of our customers choose to maintain their own content, and we are glad to give the training to make this possible. Other customers don’t have the time, resources, or desire to maintain their own website content, and would rather be able to depend on us to handle their website needs as a whole.

We are happy to handle content updates, however small or large. For customers that have only occasional update needs, we are glad to do this at our standard rate billed to the nearest minute. That means if your site needs a small update (for example, changing a phone number), it may only take a few minutes, and cost only a few dollars. For customers with regular, ongoing content management needs, we are glad to talk about discounted rates, depending on the volume and regularity of the updates. Content updates are invoiced and billed out at the end of every month.

Customized Email

The Business Standard

Every business should use customized email addresses.
Using typical free addresses such as “yourbusiness@hotmail.com” comes across as unprofessional and even untrustworthy, and setting up customized addresses is inexpensive and easy to use!

Needs & Cost

Domain Name

Email Service Provider


Web Hosting & Domains

YAY Technology has well over a decade of experience hosting dozens of websites, from small and simple to large and complex. We can meet special needs with Dedicated IP addresses, custom email accounts, multi-site installations, subdomains, e-commerce sites, and much more! Let us know what you need, and we can give you an idea of costs and requirements to meet your needs. We have many different packages available to fit the traffic and space needed to run your site!