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The Snake River School District was interested in a series of websites – one for the district as a whole, and one for each of their six schools. They wanted a lot of independence in the final product, by providing their own hosting and domain management, and by managing their own content once the site was finished.

We built their websites using WordPress Multisite, so their seven websites are controlled by a single content management system. We did training with their staff so they could manage their own content.

Users are able to be set up with different levels of permissions, which can be specified differently on each of the sub-sites. Users can even be set up such that they can create changes that must be approved by a higher permissions user, which may be used to allow students to create site content, while maintaining control over site content.

We also did custom photography of the buildings to enhance the look of the websites.

Project Lead Associate:

Jonathan Swain (Click to view Jonathan’s profile)

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